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Joe the kelpie from Redhead with his owner, Gavin Wolfgram.JOE, probably the most famous kelpie in Redhead, has suffered more than a dog should.

He was hit by a trailbike and went under the knife for lifesaving surgery. Then came a gruelling rehab. It’s hard to believe he’s two years old.

But eight months after the collision on Redhead beach that nearly killed his mate, Joe’s owner, Gavin Wolfgram, wants everyone to know that Joe’s back.

‘‘I’ve had many people asking about Joe’s welfare. A lot of the people who helped me that day, I wouldn’t know it if I walked past them,’’ says Gavin.

‘‘But he’s now fully recovered and back to his normal, cheeky self.

‘‘He’s back to enjoying what he loves – rounding up the seagulls and the waves along the shore.’’

The accident happened on Australia Day. Gavin and Joe were on one of their morning walks when, about 6am, a bike roared through a ‘‘no vehicle’’ area, ploughed through Joe and roared off.

The kelpie was left helpless, his hip dislocated and smashed. He was an inch or two away from suffering massive internal injuries. But the operation to insert wires, screws and pins, and repair his bones – which cost $3400 – was a resounding success.

Just don’t call it a miracle. Gavin is adamant that people’s swift actions that day were what saved Joe, and that vet Simon at Brunker Road Veterinary Centre deserves plenty of the credit.

‘‘I’m just over the moon about how he’s recovered,’’ he says.

‘‘I wish I had his energy.’’

WHAT’S your favourite scary movie? Scream, it would seem, in the case of these slasher types seen paddling Newcastle Harbour on Friday for Halloween.

Dan Prestage, meanwhile, owner of the Dead Head Barber Shop on Newcastle’s Brown Street, was offering freak-outs and sweets in equal measure.

Those are contact lenses, by the way.

Dan Prestage, owner of the Dead Head Barber Shop, with freaky contact lenses.

FOR a garment that had its heyday in the ’90s with Tupac and Andre Agassi, the humble bandanna still does a roaring trade.

At least it did on Friday on National Bandanna Day, the fund-raiser for youth cancer charity Canteen. Volunteer Ainslie Bishop, 19, who signed up after her dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour six years ago, said shoppers at Kotara were snapping up the versatile headwear.

‘‘It’s been good, we’ve been consistently selling them,’’ she said.

It’s estimated that 1200 Hunter young people are affected by cancer each year.

IT can’t be too often that two sets of twins play in the same cricket team. It must be rarer still that all four twins fail to score.

But that’s what happened when Stockton played Charlestown in a recent under-16s game at Jesmond. One half of the Whitty twins, Matt,opened the innings. Gone first ball. Any sibling bragging rights for his brother, Benjamin, were shortlived; he suffered a similar fate coming in at No.7.

Likewise, twins Callan and James Mehan contributed a duck egg between them. Hard luck, but it’s got to be some kind of record.

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