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HEALTHY OPTION: The summer parkrun season is coming, so it’s time to start getting serious about training.WHEN I caught up with a friend last week, she was spruiking the benefits of a Fitbit she was given as a gift.

I had not heard of the wireless wristband she was wearing that tracked her daily activities and monitored her sleep patterns.

According to fitbit杭州龙凤论坛m, there are several wireless devices you can wear to help track different daily functions, such as how many calories you have burnt, how many steps you have taken or how many stairs you have climbed.

It also syncs to other devices, such as smartphones and computers, and there is an app which you can use to log your food and calorie intake.

The sleep tracker has been a real eye-opener for my friend, who says she is sleeping better since using the Fitbit and has found herself being more accountable about what she eats and how much she exercises each day.

I am pretty old-school and still prefer to write down daily activities in a log book, but I can definitely see the attraction of the Fitbit, and with Christmas not too far off it might be a gift idea for a friend or family member or even yourself.

And what a great time to be thinking about improving your health – during the last month of spring.

If you have used the first two months of spring to start getting yourself in better health for summer, then hopefully you are seeing some positive results by now.

If you set yourself the goal of participating in Run Newcastle at the end of this month, hopefully you are edging ever closer to your personal goal.

And just a few days ago I heard a rumour there was a new parkrun for our region – we already have parkruns at Carrington (Newy parkrun), Blackbutt, Speers Point (Lake Mac parkrun), Singleton, Fingal Bay, Maitland and Belmont – and now apparently there will be a Beaches parkrun. It looks as though it will run from Bar Beach on Saturdays at 8am and will be a 5-kilometre timed event on the sand. It is expected to be launched on November 29 – two days out from summer.

Sounds pretty good to me – soft sand run on Saturday mornings followed by a dip in the ocean. You can’t start your weekends any better than that!

Here are a couple of sessions if you want to get started on some summer fitness:

On the sand (or at the oval):

Session 1

10 squats, 10 push-ups, 1-2 minutes of sand running/walking, repeat 1-3 times; 10 lunges, 10 rows/pull-ups with dumbbells, 1-2 minutes of sand running/walking, repeat 1-3 times;

20 mountain climbers/burpees/shuffles, 10-20 ab curls/ab rotation with dumbbell, 1-2 minutes of sand running/walking, repeat 1-3 times.

Session 2

20 minutes continuous (adjust time depending on your level of fitness) x 20 seconds walking, 20 seconds easy jogging, 20 seconds hard running.

Renee Valentine is a qualifiedpersonal trainer and mother of two

[email protected]杭州龙凤论坛m

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